MDO for SAP / Vendors / Set Up / Workflows


MDO provides standard workflow for the Vendor process. The standard vendor workflow is a three-step process which includes three standard roles namely: 

  1. Initiator 
  2. Reviewer  
  3. Approver 

The vendor details are entered by a user as the Initiator role. Once saved, the request progresses to the Reviewer for review.  

The Reviewer can review and change the details and then can approve or send the request back to the initiator for correction. If the request is approved, it progresses to the Approver. 

Upon receipt of the request, the Approver can review and change the details if required and can approve or reject the request. When approved, the vendor record is integrated with SAP and an SAP vendor number is received in MDO. 

In addition to the standard vendor workflow, MDO also provides the facility to create customized workflows.  

For more information on how to set up a customized workflow, refer to the link below.