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Fields and Dropdowns

MDO provides a set of predefined Vendor Master fields and dropdowns. MDO also has the flexibility to add new fields and dropdowns. Only custom fields and dropdowns can be changed. The standard fields and dropdowns cannot be modified. 

For a list of all the standard Vendor Master fields provided by MDO, refer to the following link: 

Standard SAP Fields

To learn how to create customized fields, refer to the link below. 

Adding new fields


To download dropdown values from SAP, follow these steps: 

  1. Login to the SAP using your credentials. 
  2. Enter SE38 code in the search bar to go to the ABAP program screen. 
  3. Enter /PROS/MDO_VEN_R_DROPVALUES in the search bar > Select Execute 
  4. Enter the relevant MDO Field IDs 
  5. Select Language Key 
  6. Enter the Partner Number 
  7. Select Execute. 
  8. The SAP dropdown values for the selected field will now be available in MDO.