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Business Rules and Validations

The business rules and validations provided by MDO for vendor master data include: 

1. Duplicate Check  

  • Based upon data entered for fields such as Vendor Name, Email, Address, Tax Details. 
  • The percentage of duplicity found determines the follow-on actions. 

For example, if an exact match for all mentioned fields is found, then the vendor will not be created in SAP and there will be a hard stop in MDO. 

For further information on duplicate checks, please refer to the following link. 

Duplicacy check 

2. Postal Code Validation  

  • The length of the Postal Code is validated based on the Country entered by the vendor. A vendor will not be allowed to enter a postal code not supported in their country. 

3. IBAN Validation  

  • IBAN (provided by Vendor) is validated based on standard rules such as IBAN length that is applicable for the country selected, IBAN format etc. 

4. Email Validation  

  • Vendor should provide a valid email id and its format is validated when a vendor provides it in MDO. 

5. Tax Data 

  • Vendor enters tax details as per country selected. For example, Social Security Number and Employee Identification for USA, Tax File Number or ABN for Australia. (Refer dependencies section below) 

6. Dependencies   

  • Standard dependencies exist in MDO such as Region/States filtered based on the Country selected. 

For further information on setting up dependencies please refer to the following link. 

Dependency Rules 

7. Number Settings  

  • A unique MDO record number is generated based on the configuration applied to number settings.  For example, a general vendor record is assigned GENL0001; Invoicing Partner record may be assigned ZPI0001.  

For further information refer to the link below. 

Number Settings

8. Data Completeness  

  • All SAP required fields along with other important fields are set as mandatory in MDO such as vendor email, address details, etc. This ensures the completeness of the vendor data.  

To configure fields to be included in completeness check follow the link below. 

Adding New Fields 

9. Data Consistency  

  • Certain data can be defined as default values for fields in MDO. This is to ease user input and to maintain the data consistency. 
  • Dependencies can be applied to fields to also ensure data consistency and accuracy. 

10. Dun and Bradstreet (D&B)  

  • Vendor data such as address and company details can be validated using the Dun and Bradstreet web service.    
  • This is set up via an API defined by customer requirements for D&B. 

For information on standards to develop an API in MDO, follow the link below. 

Standards to develop an API in MDO