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Vendor Registration / Onboarding

The following steps outline the vendor registration and onboarding process. 

1. A vendor enters their basic details in the Self-Service form (Basic details include name, email id, etc.) and selects Save. 

2. Once saved, a record is created in MDO and the vendor creation workflow is triggered. A task is sent to the Initiator. 

3. The Initiator logs in to MDO. 

4. From their Task List/My Activities on the Homepage, the Initiator can search for the required task and clicks on Approve to review and approve. 

5. Once approved by the Initiator, MDO creates the user credentials for the vendor and emails these details to the vendor using the email id previously entered by the vendor. A task is also assigned to the same vendor. 

6. The vendor receives the email and logs in to MDO with the credentials provided. 

7. From their Task List/My Activities, the vendor executes the task and enters the required information. This will include address, bank details, mandatory certificates, tax details. 

8. Once all the required data is entered, the vendor saves the form. 

Draft Functionality: Users can draft the information without creating the master record by clicking on Draft from the Vendor Creation page.  In order to continue and complete the creation process for the drafted record, search the record from the Vendor List page and then trigger the change process. 

9. Upon saving, the workflow for vendor creation is triggered in MDO and the task is sent to the Reviewer for approval or rejection.  

10. The Reviewer login and reviews the task in MDO. Once approved, the task will be sent to the Approver (final user). 

11. The Approver login to MDO and approves the task. Upon approval, the vendor record is integrated with SAP. 

Note: This is the standard workflow that will run if the standard Vendor master is in use. If there has been any customization (as per business requirements), the customized workflow will be executed.