MDO for SAP / Vendors / Process Flows / Creating a Vendor

Creating a Vendor

To create a vendor, follow the steps below:

1. The Initiator logs in to MDO. 

2. From the Homepage, navigate to the left menu and select Business Partner > Vendor. 

3. On the Vendor List page, click on Create New. 

4. This will open the Vendor Create page. Enter the required details.   

5. Click Next and enter the additional information required. 

6. Click Save.

Note: Draft Functionality 

Users can draft information without creating the master record by clicking on Draft on the Vendor Creation page.  In order to continue and complete the creation process for the drafted record, search the record from the Vendor List page and then trigger the change process. 

7. Upon savingthe workflow for vendor creation is triggered in MDO and the task is sent to the Reviewer for approval or rejection. 

8. The Reviewer login to MDO and reviews the vendor creation task from their inbox. Once approved, it goes to the Approver (final user). 

9. Similarly, the Approver logs in to MDO and reviews/ approves the record. Once approved by the final user in the workflow, the new vendor record is integrated with SAP. 

10. The vendor is created in SAP and an SAP number is received in MDO. 

Note: This is the standard workflow that will be executed if the standard Vendor master is being used. If there has been any customization (as per business requirements), the customized workflow will be executed.