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Mass Activation

Mass Activation 

To activate records en masse follow the steps below. 

1. Log in to MDO with assigned credentials. 

2. Click on Settings at the top right corner of the Homepage. 

3. Select the vendor module. 

4. Go to Layouts > Mass Layouts. 

5. Click on Add New. Provide a relevant description to the layout. Complete the Template Configuration details as listed below. (These options will determine the validations and options a user will get at the time of entering data for deactivation in the Excel sheet). 

Option  Descriptions 
Validation  If yes is chosen, the option to validate the records will be given in Excel Connect. 
Dropdown  If yes is chosen, the dropdown values will be shown in Excel Connect, otherwise dropdown values will not appear. 
Multilingual Description  If yes is chosen, the multilingual description is generated in Excel Connect. 
Validate by Schema  If yes is chosen, the data entered in Excel Connect is validated based on schema selected. 

6. Click Save. 

7. Locate the relevant Mass Template created in the list. Click on Details.  

8. Search for the activation / deactivation fields in the layout and Add. Also search for the additional fields to be added to the mass layout template and select Add. 

9. When all the fields have been added, click on Assign Field. 

10. Select Back and then click on Assigned To in order to select the role(s) which should have authorization to this mass layout.  

If the relevant role(s) does not appear, proceed to steps 11 and 12. 

11. Click on the Security tab, search the role to which you want to give permission. Assign Excel Connect and Mass Upload permissions. 

12. Assign (check) the layout to the required roles. 

To use the mass activation template, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to the Vendor List page. 
  2. Select the records need to be activated and click on Download > Select a template 
  3. Select the template that you have just created > Continue. 
  4. Open the Excel sheet and go to the Master Data Online tab – 
  5. Select Login icon. Enter your MDO credentials. 
  6. Change the Activation field value from 1 to 0 to mark the vendors as activated. 
  7. Select Validate> click on Upload to send back the data records to MDO. 
  8. Records will be triggered to the assigned workflow and saved. 
  9. The vendor records will be activated.