MDO for SAP / Vendors / Mass Process Flows / Mass Creation of Vendors

Mass Creation of Vendors

To create vendors en masse, follow the steps below.  

  1. Login to MDO with your assigned credentials. 
  2. From the Homepage, select the My Profile icon on the top right corner. 
  3. Scroll down to the Excel Connector section. Select Download Excel Connector Installer. Install the installer. 
  4. Download the Excel Connector Template For further details in Excel connect refer to the following link (Set up & Prerequisite
  5. Excel Connect will open. Click on the Login button top left corner and log in with your MDO credentials.  
  6. Click on Modules on the top and then click on Select Module. Select the Vendor module from the dropdown. 
  7. Click on Select Template and select the template from the dropdown. 
  8. Click on the Add Rows icon under the Actions section to add vendors.  
  9. Enter the number of vendors you want to create. 
  10. Enter the relevant information in the Excel Connect template 
  11. Scroll to the right of the template. There are hyperlinks (indicating hierarchies or grids) under the columns such as Company Code, Purchase Organizationetc. 
  12. Click on the hyperlinks to enter the information required in these hierarchies or grids. 
  13. Once all the data is entered, click on the Validate icon. 
  14. If the status in the left column changes to Success, the data is validated successfully and can be exported to MDO. If the status is Error, then there is a problem with the data entered. Correct the data according to the message shown. 
  15. Once the spreadsheet is validated, click on the Export icon to export the data to MDO. 
  16. Once the data is exported, click on the Complete icon to trigger the workflow.  
  17. The vendors are created in MDO and the creation workflow will be triggered. 
  18. On completion of the workflow, the vendor records go to SAP for integration. Once the records are integrated with SAP, SAP numbers are received against each vendor record in MDO.