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Catalog Management

A Catalog is a complete collection of items and details on their various attributes. Based on the business requirements the catalogs items can be categorized into sales or procurement and maintained accordingly. 

Some of the Catalog Management features include: 

  • Providing a functional and technical overview of various items, such as price, pack quantity, product category, color, dimensions, UOM etc..  
  • Multiple images of the items can be uploaded to enhance user experience.  
  • A vendor can assign different prices (for same item) specific to various buyers based on locations, currency, basic unit of measure or other additional costs which may apply. This is referred to as a Price File which vendors can use in MDO to maintain catalog items in batches. 
  • Items can be categorized under various segments or classes making it easier for companies to search.  
  • The categories under which the various products are placed can be classified under UNSPSC and GS1 codes which adhere to international standards.  
  • A complete catalog based on various characteristics and parameters can be downloaded and shared with multiple stakeholders. 
  • MDO can Punch-out to external catalogs maintained by vendors using OCI (Open Catalog Interface) to procure items. This ensures that the item data is transferred from the external catalog to the MDO shopping cart.