The following are prerequisites for setting up MDO: 

  1. Identify business problems: Identifying the existing business problems (‘pain points’) is the initial key step required before implementing MDO. The current or long-term challenges and issues faced by the business need to be identified through discussions with various departments.  
  2. Define the solution in a workshop:  Once the business problems are identified, the solution needs to be defined in a workshop. During the workshop, people from different departments of the organization, product experts and business analysts come together to define the solution. This will entail: 
    • Identification of modules and data entities: Modules are required to be identified based on the business requirements.  All the associated fields and their characteristics should be defined. The appearance of the various layouts should also be finalized.  
    • Identify the business process: Once the modules and data entities are decided, all the business validations and workflows need to be defined according to business requirements. Business validations can be implemented using business rules. Business rules include schemas, dependency, duplicacy check, user defined rule, defaults, tables, number settings, permission profile, notification, description setting and cross module. Workflows help in implementing approval processes. The components of workflows such as Workflow type, priority, approver, SLA hours, etc. need to be decided according to the business requirements.  
    • Identify users: Users authorized to access the application need to be defined. Roles and permissions help to implement this. 


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