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Request Type: Categorization of Issues

Based on the following conditions, the user will select the category that is applicable for the issue.

  • Query: A query would imply some questions, confusion or clarification is needed by the client regarding a functionality or an issue. It refers to some doubt that the customer has which can be worked around without in-depth investigation.
  • Defect: A defect refers to an actual issue which could lead to an error in the platform or a functionality not working. This could severely affect the BAU or could be a minor error. A defect is something that requires investigation by the support team.
  • Change Request: A change request implies any configuration or API level changes that the client requires to existing functionality which has been previously delivered.

Any change request will require further information (to be detailed in a Change Request document – provided by your aligned Customer Success Associate) which will include all necessary details, logics, and scenarios expected by the client. On receiving this information, the Prospecta team will evaluate the feasibility, provide cost estimates associated with such a change and a delivery date/timeframe.

  • Product Improvement: A product improvement is a suggestion by the client that could improve the UI and functionality of the product. It is not necessarily a necessity of the client but an area or functionality they think would improve the product in the future. The Prospecta team evaluates such suggestions and, if feasible, include them in the Product Roadmap and future releases.