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Additional Information required when Logging Issues

Prospecta strongly encourages our clients to provide as much information as possible when logging an issue. Additional information not only helps the support team to direct the issue to the correct team members but assists with replicating and ultimately resolution. This information can be entered in the Description section or as an Attachment.

Some examples of additional information which can be provided are:

  • Replication Steps: Replication steps refer to a sequential line of steps that may be necessary or helpful for the support team to replicate the error. Providing these steps lead to a faster and more efficient investigation and are necessary for every error to be replicated. Some examples that would require replication steps to be provided are: Integration related issues, Materials stuck in workflow, Rejected Error messages, active location errors, etc.
  • User Credentials: Providing user credentials is necessary when the issue is arising from a particular user’s account. This will help the team to identify the issue without having to follow up with the user. Some examples include: Log in related issues, workflow and notification issues etc.
  • Screen Shots: Screen shots are important to get a first-hand understanding of the ongoing issue. We suggest adding screenshots for all issues as it is the most important clue for clarity of the issue. It is recommended to attach screenshots in the ‘Attachments’ section.
  • Logs: Logs are records of all the critical errors that are encountered by the application, server or operating system while in operation. The support team might need these logs for issues relating to Excel Connect, configuration or platform issues. It is encouraged to attach the logs for every issue wherever possible.