What is a Role?

A role is a prescribed or expected behavior associated with a position or status in an organization. MDO works on role-based ownership. Information a user has access to is determined by the permissions/authorizations allocated to the user’s assigned role(s). 

Only a user with administrator access can create/ change roles. Roles are assigned with access to modules and permissions which help end users to perform different transactions in MDO. 

Some examples of roles are:  

Automobile Industry 

Plant Manager – One who oversees a plant. 

Plant Supervisor – One who supervises all plant engineers. 

Plant Engineer  One who directs the maintenance of plant equipment ensuring optimum performance. 

Organizations can decide what roles they can use for their business processes by analyzing the permissions (list of actions a role can perform) given to a role. For example, a role which permits a user to have complete access to all data and is responsible for approving all requests created in a plant, can be assigned as plant manager.