Creating a Role

This section provides a detailed procedure on how to create a new role in MDO.  

Configuring a role involves two processes:  

  1. Role Creation  
  2. Permission Assignment 

Role Creation 

To create a new role, follow these steps: 

1. Login with administrator credentials. 

2. Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the Home page. 

3. Click on Roles from the left menu bar. 

4. Click on Add New Role. 

5. Fill in the details as stated in the table below. 

Field Name  Details 
Role Description  Enter the name of the role. 
Assign/Unassign  In this list, you will see all the available menus. By checking this option, you can assign a menu to a role. 
Set as Default  In MDO multiple menus can be assigned to a single role. By selecting this option, you can set any menu to be the default menu for the role. 

6. Click Save.

Permission Assignment 

Administrators can control what actions users can perform and what information can be accessed by assigning permissions/events to a user’s role.  

To understand how to assign permissions to a role follow the link below to the Setting Up Role Permissions document.  

Setting up Role Permissions