Creating a User Group

Users belonging to a similar category (e.g. People in the same department) can be grouped together into user groups. User groups can be used to easily assign or perform an action on a large set of users. 

Some examples of where a user group can be used in MDO are:  

  • Assigning a notification to a large number of users (All users in a plant/department). 
  • Defining schema owners (to whom the schema notifications should be sent to).

To configure a new user group, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in with administrator credentials  
  2. Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the Home page. 
  3. From the left menu bar, select Advanced.
  4. Select Groups > Add New Group
  5. Enter group Name > Save. 
  6. Select Users against the relevant group to add users in the group. 
  7. Assign Users to Group window appears. Select multiple users to the group and Save.