Roles and Users

Roles and Users:

This section provides an overview of MDO roles, users and user groups and how the actions a user can perform in the application is based on his/her assigned role.

A role is a position or status in an organization with a prescribed or expected behavior associated. MDO works on role-based ownership. The information a user has access to is determined by the permissions/authorizations allocated to the users assigned role(s).

A user is a person who has access to the application.  All users created in MDO have unique credentials that can be used to identify any task they perform within the application. All users are assigned role(s) as per their responsibilities or location. What information a user has access to or what information a user can change can be controlled by the users assigned role(s).

User Group

Users belonging to a similar category (e.g. people in the same department) can be grouped together into user groups. Applied to the MDO notification framework and schema notifications, user groups can be utilized to easily assign tasks or perform an action on a large set of users. User groups can also span across users with different roles, providing more flexibility of controls in MDO.