MDO Fuse / Role Creation and Collaboration

Role Creation and Collaboration

Roles Creation:


  1. Click on the profile icon >> select “settings”.

  1. In settings select “Roles and Permission” >> “New role”.

  1. A Side-Sheet will be open fill the Details>>Click on Save.

That’s it! The role has been created.

Role collaboration:

MDO Fuse admins can invite one or multiple users to collaborate on a role. Admins can allow any of the three given roles to the user:

  • Initiator
  • Reviewer
  • Approver

Collaboration or Inviting Colleagues:

Inviting a single user:

1. Click on Team Click on Invite a side sheet

2. Input a valid mail id select a role for the user and click on Invite Button.

Note: The administrator role is created by default while creating organizations/Tenants.

To invite multiple users in one go:

Click on “Add multiple”.

Admins can enter the email address of all the users they want to invite.

Invited User will receive mail.

Open the mail and click on the Invitation Link.

After Clicking on the Invitation link.

The user will redirect to this page where just by Input the Password user will be able to join the Team.

List of users and status before accepting the Invitation.

List of users and status after accepting the Invitation.

Invited User Does not have Admin access so the user will have only limited access.