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MDO Release Notes

The following table provides information about what is new and what has changed since the last release:

Date (Version) Description 
2020-01-31 (4.49.0)
  • Change
    • The Internet of Things Service Cockpit was enhanced with new options for device filtering. For more information, please refer to section Inspect a Device in the Internet of Things Service Cockpit documentation.
  • Fix
    • Resolved an issue that could involve sensor management in the Internet of Things Edge Platform configured in High Availability mode.
    • Removed verbose logs from Internet of Things Edge Platform MQTT.
    • Resolved an issue in the Internet of Things Service Cockpit that prevented users from creating Selectors for HTTP Processing.
    • Resolved an issue that could invalidate the device status reported on the Internet of Things Gateway Cloud MQTT.
Name  Enter the name of the schema. 
Owner Type  Choose the owner type based on: 
User – Schema updates would be conveyed to a user
(If selection is user, then select the user(s) in the Select User field).
Role – Schema updates would be conveyed to all users assigned to a role (If selection is Role, then select the role(s) in the Select Role field).
Group – Schema updates would be conveyed to a group
(If selection is Group, then select the group(s) in the Select Group field). 
Success  Enter the desired label for successfully processed records. 
Error  Enter the desired label for unsuccessful records. 
Total  Enter the desired label for total records. 
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