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Login for the First Time

Password Change Screen

When a user logs in for the first time with, system will prompt to change the password. Once the password is changed user is redirected to the home page.

MDO Menu

MDO Menu is located on left-hand side of the homepage. User will be able to use the modules which are assigned to their roles.


MDO home page can be customized as per company policies. Your company administrator can assign a custom dashboard which can include various graphical reports for quick reference. Apart from that dashboard can contain quick help links, product help videos, announcements, news, etc.

Task List

Task list is located at the bottom of the home page. Task list contain all the pending tasks which are assigned to the user and requires the user review. User can also sort, search task by various criteria like search by Module, record number, date etc.

For every task there are following options:

  1. Execute: Clicking here will open the request form and user can view/change details and can approve/reject the task.
  2. Details: From details link user can view the request information in non-editable mode.
  3. Claim: If task is sent to multiple users, then it can be claimed by user by clicking this option. Task will get remain in your task list for action and gets removed from all other user’s task list.
  4. Forward: In case user do not have complete information about the task then he/she can forward the task to other responsible users of the same role.
Icons on the Top
  1. Home Icon: User is redirected to home page on clicking home icon.
  2. Notifications Icon: User can see all the notifications using this icon.
  3. My Profile: User can maintain different information from my profile. Below is the list of activities which user can do from my profile:
    • Profile Picture: User can upload/edit/delete the profile picture.
    • Date Format: User can change the date format here.
    • Number Format: User can select an appropriate number format in which numeric and decimal type fields can be viewed.
    • Time Zone: User can set their time zone from this option.
    • Incoming Notification Priority: User can set the incoming notification priority to low, medium or high.
    • Digital Sign: User can put their digital sign by clicking this link.
    • Excel Connect Installer: User can download the latest excel connect installer.
    • Excel Connect Template: User can download the excel connect template.
    • User based Default Setting: User can set the default values here for the fields in various objects.
  4. Logout: User will be logged out of application.