MDO Enterprise Data Platform / Technical Development

Technical Development

Master Data Online (MDO) provides the capability for high flexibility of customization. This becomes relevant for business requirements through the use of APIs and integration to third-party systems.   

Application Program Interface(API) 

TheApplication Program Interface(APIis a layer to enhance and add custom features into the MDO application. There are events on which APIs can be written, some of which include: 

  1. Before an action has been taken 
  2. After an action has been taken 
  3. After a result of an action 
  4. During an action 
  5. Or a self-scheduled timer which triggers an action 

Some scenarios which would require an API are: 

  • When there is a need to view a pop-up containing a comparison of data between two entities. 
  • When there is a need to integrate with nonstandard systems where adapters are not readily available. 


Integration refers to the interaction with another system regarding data. MDO provides Integration Scenarios and an Integration Cockpit. Integration Scenarios are made to define integration criteria and description. The Integration Cockpit provides in-depth information about integration logs through dashboards and reports for an effective analysis.