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High Availability Recommendations

Use Load Balancers 

Use load balancers are utilized to balance network traffic across MDO application servers. MDO application servers are recommended to be configured with active-active server configuration. This means all servers are actively load balanced and may reside in different data centers for a data center physical fault tolerant solution. 


  1. Sticky Sessions policy will be required at the load balancer. MDO session data is not replicated across clustered servers. 
  2. Load balancer mapping table. 
Servlet Context  Server Port  Server Context 
/MDOSF  8080  /MDOSF 
/MDO-WS  9090  /MDO-WS 


Database High Availability 

MDO uses Microsoft SQL Server. MDO supports the below techniques to achieve high availability. Customers can determine the best option based on regulatory and compliance requirements. 

  1. Replication 
  2. Log Shipping 
  3. Mirroring 
  4. Always-On Failover Clustering 
  5. Always-On Availability Groups 

For further details on each technique it is recommended to contact a Database Administrator. 


Elastic Search High Availability 

Elastic search nodes are recommended to be setup in HA mode. Follow the link below for further information and configuration guidance. 


RabbitMQ High Availability 

RabbitMQ nodes are recommended to be setup in HA mode. For additional information and configuration guidance, follow the link below.