MDO on Cloud works on Tenant Based Model. 

Businesses opting for an MDO Cloud deployment model can opt for one of the following two options: 

  1. Single Tenant Model 
  2. MultiTenant Model 

 1. Single Tenant Model 

In the single tenant cloud model, one enterprise is given dedicated access to the cloud infrastructure, the application etc. For a business, a dedicated server would be allocated. Data segregation is done at the Database level (i.e. one enterprise has a dedicated database to store its data ensuring data isolation and security). 

2. Multi-Tenant Model 

In the multi-tenant cloud model, customers typically share access to cloud infrastructure, application, database etc. Multiple businesses would use the same server. Each tenant’s data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants which is achieved through tenantbased segregation of data at the table level. 

MDO tenants can access the application and use standard or configure custom masters to cater for their business process flows.  

Limitations of the Multi-Tenant Model:

Below are some of the actions users opting for Multi-Tenant Deployment model cannot perform within the application. 

A) Set custom URL to access the application. 

  • Companies using the single tenant cloud can set their custom URL’s to access the application 
    • E.g. Company XYZ can set its application URL as  https://xyz.masterdataonline.com/MDOSF/ 
  • Companies opting for multi-tenant deployment do not have control of the URLs used to access the application. 
    • E.g. Company XYZ in public cloud will access the application using a generic URL say, https://prod.masterdataonline.com/MDOSF. 

B) Change the platform theme and logo. 

Businesses opting for MDO Single Tenant cloud can change the platform theme (Color etc.) according to their requirement. The standard MDO logo can also be replaced with the respective company’s logo. 

Businesses opting for MDO Multi-Tenant model will not be able to change the platform theme or logo and will have to use the standard MDO theme and logo. 

C) Restricted Administrator privileges. 

Businesses opting for MDO Single Tenant cloud will have complete control over their administrator’s privileges or system access. 

Some of the actions that are exclusive to a Single Tenant Administrator are: 

  • Making changes to standard master data objects 
  • Create new /modify existing API’s 
  • Access to Technical Logs