Master Data Online (MDO) is a solution that helps you to improve the quality of your data and provides the necessary governance around your enterprise systems. The role of MDO in your system landscape is to be the data layer that will improve data quality both by Active and Passive Governance. MDO has been a dominant presence in the master data management domain for over ten years and comes with preconfigured objects for SAP masters like Material, Vendor, Customer, Finance and Plant Maintenance and more. Businesses can readily make use of these enabling them to automate business processes and manage data quality.  

As an SAP certified application, MDO helps in migrating data into your new SAP environment and ensures trustworthy data for all your sales and marketing initiatives. 

Below are some of the key features of MDO:

Data Governance: A Data Governance framework to manage all your master data including contracts. The Governance framework forms the bridge between your SAP and other enterprise systems. 

Data QualityThe Data Insight and Data Quality Workbench provides all the necessary tools to cleanse and standardize data.  

GDPR ComplianceThe Data Governance and the Data Quality layer will help to manage data based on consent and delete unused data. There are additional areas around GDPR that MDO can help to address.  

Data Migration: The Data Migration framework helps in easy migration of quality data into your new SAP environment. 

Easy Administration: Easy administration of MDO is one of its key strengths and features. Any Data Analyst should be able to administer the solution with minimum training.