Backup Process

Prospecta takes daily backups of all Databases and Application Data. 

Database Backup Process 

MDO is hosted on AWS and uses its Amazon RDS to store database data. Amazon RDS creates and saves automated backups of all DB instances and creates a storage volume snapshot of DB instance, backing up the entire DB instance. The backups always reside in AWS infrastructure and under no circumstances is any backup scheduled that transfers data from AWS to inhouse local infrastructure. All database backups are encrypted thus ensuring high level of data security. 

Prospecta maintains a database backup for 35 days before it is deleted. It ensures that clients can restore their database with any of the last 35 days snapshots. 

Application Backup Process 

Prospecta uses AWS S3 services to store APP data backups.  S3 VPC endpoints are setup to ensure the security of the backup during data transfer. Data backups are transferred from instance to AWS S3 using the AWS internal local network. This ensures that data does not get removed from the AWS infra during the backup process. 

Prospecta maintains an application data backup for the last 30 days which ensures that the application can be restored with any of the last 30 days backups.