MDO Cloud Architecture 

 This section contains information about the typical data flow for an: 

  1. Incoming Request 
  2. Outgoing Request 

Incoming Request 

  • A user/system sends a request to the MDO application. 
  • The request goes through AWS Public Load Balancer. (Dynamic IP’s, Static IP’s both are available) 
  • The request passes through auto scaled NGNIX servers. NGNIX servers uses reverse proxy to hide internal MDO server details. 
  • The request is then routed to the private internal load balancer. 
  • Load balancer directs traffic to healthy MDO servers (all MDO servers are hosted in Multiple Availability Zones for HA). 
  • MDO servers respond to the incoming request. 

Outgoing Request  

  • The request is initiated by the MDO application. e.g. email request, integration request. 
  • The request is then routed through Network Address Translation Servers or NAT. (Static IP’s) 
  • The request goes to the desired target.