Google Key Management

MDO provides the facility to use geolocation using google maps. Geolocation is helpful in tracking the location of people, equipment, materials and more. For example, to choose the correct functional location for an equipment, geolocation can be used to put the exact location using Google Maps which can then be used to track the exact location of the functional location for the equipment.  


In order to use Google Maps for location tracking, we need keys. A Map API key needs to be generated from Google Maps. 


After certain hits on Google Maps, the hits become chargeable. So, a paid key is needed. The client needs to contact Google and buy this key. 

Map API Key 

  • Login with administrator credentials. 
  • Click on the Settings icon at top right corner on the Home page. 
  • From the left menu bar, select Advanced. 
  • Click on Keys Management > Add New Key

The following fields appear. 

Field   Description 
Key Type  This let you choose the type of key you want to add. The key can be Map API Key or Push Notification Key. 
Key Value  Enter the key which you have generated. 
Company ID  A company code is a code assigned to each client. Select the company code for which you want to assign to the key.  This feature is available only to system admin or dedicated servers. This way you can add a key for a different tenant/customer in a multi tenant environment. 
  • Choose Key Type as “Map API Key”  
  • Enter Key Value (Google Map Key). 
  • Enter the Company Id. 
  • Click Save.