Set Up and Prerequisites

As a guide to set up Excel Connect, the following sections will be covered: 

  1. Prerequisites 
  2. Installation  
  3. Accessing the Excel Connect template 
  4. Customizing the Introduction Sheet


1. Prerequisites 

In order to use Excel Connect, the following must be installed: 

  • Excel 2014 or later versions 

It is assumed that the following configurations have been made:  

  • A Mass Template configured within a module  
  • Excel Connect is configured and enabled in MDO – refer to Mass Layouts and Authorization 

2. Installation 

Note: If your organization has already provisioned the installer across designated workstations, proceed to Section 3.

In order to install Excel Connect, follow these steps. 

1. Log in to MDO

2. Click on My Profile 


3. Scroll to the Excel Connector section. Select Download Excel Connector Installer

If Excel Connector does not appear, verify that Excel Connect authorizations are enabled for a specific role, or that the platform version of MDO supports Excel Connect.

4. Install the downloaded file “ExcelConnect.msi” following the prompted Instructions. 

It will install a certain C# framework if not installed.

3. Accessing the Excel Connect Template 

In order to download the Excel Connect Template, follow these steps. 

1. Click on My Profile.

2. Scroll to the Excel Connector section. Select Download Excel Connector Template.

3. Save to a preferred location. DO NOT change the filename.

4. Open the Excel File, and click on Enable Editing.


A new tab called MasterDataOnline will appear. 

5. Click on the Login icon on the top left of the Excel Spreadsheet and log in with the appropriate credentials.  

Note: Your credentials for MDO are sufficient to log in.  

 Once logged in, your name will appear next to the login icon.  

6. Click on Modules  

7. Select the associated module that has Mass Template set up, and then Select Template for the preferred template set up.  

8. A load bar will appear. Upon completion the Excel Connect template will open.  

 4. Customising the Introduction Sheet 

To customise the introduction sheet displayed when opening the downloaded Excel Connect File, follow these steps below 

 1. Log in to Master Data Online (with a user that can configure modules).

2. Enter the selected Module > Layouts > Mass Layouts.

3. Click on Instruction Template.

An Excel Instruction Template will be downloaded. Open the Excel Workbook and make any changes. Once completed,

4. Click on the upload icon against the mass layout template.

5. Upload the excel workbook with the changes made. 

The customized introduction sheet for Excel Connect will display.