End User Features

Excel Connect provides the ability to improve data and quickly resolve data issues that may exist. It allows end users to: 

  • Download, modify and reupload data to Master Data Online on mass 
  • Create mass records 
  • Have the flexibility to Save work for another time 
  • Adapt the Excel Connect worksheet to specified business processes

Features of Excel Connect that can be used to tailor data to a specific business process include:  

  • Default values populating into Excel Connect 

Default values refer to pre-populated values. As the Excel Connect Template is selected, the sheet is loaded with the values defined in MDO. 

These pre-populated values are dependent against the role selected. 

  • Dynamic validations 

Dynamic validations refer to being able to automatically check for errors before uploading to MDO. These checks are defined by a set of rules that has been created in a Business Rule Schema. 

Business Rule Schemas need to be assigned to an Excel Connect Template.

  • Control of template creation providing the decision of which set of Metadata (fields) are required. 

Being able to select relevant MDO fields for use during template creation offers the flexibility and less clutter based on design. 

  • Dropdown values 

Dropdown values refers to having a defined selection to choose from. 

Once a workflow has been initiated, Excel Connect may also be used for the following: 

  • Enablement of mass approval or rejection of records:

This occurs when records are created using Excel Connect, there is the visibility of viewing the data providing an option of mass approval or mass rejection of records created in a single session.  

  • Downloading and readjusting the records for re-submission:

This refers to being able to selectively download and readjust the records for re-submission which can enter a workflow if configured. 

  • Automatic interaction with customized APIs.