MDO Enterprise Data Platform / Excel Connect for Mass Processing

Excel Connect for Mass Processing

Excel Connect provides the enablement of envisioning data in a centralized format. This allows for the manipulation and processing of mass groups of records through Master Data Online (MDO). Resembling a template of a macro Excel Spreadsheet, there is no required use of code, complex functions or customization of the plugin. Users can enter data through Excel Connect and either create, change or delete records through MDO. 

Excel Connect stems from business rules configured in MDO. When configured these may include: 

  • A guidance structure in Excel Connect having a governance flow in data. 
  • Specific Excel Templates with populated values defaulting upon entering the template. 
  • Prompted tolerances and checks for data input ensuring validity of data quality. 
  • Easy identification of mass processing errors and warning messages. 

Below is a simplified diagram of the interaction and capability of Excel Connect. 

Most systems enforce a single step by step UI aspect which deals with one record at a time. Mass processing using Excel Connect allows for a centralized, streamlined capability for processing data.