Regex rules

Regex Rule is used to check the accuracy of a field’s value through a regular expression. A regular expression is a combination of string consisting of characters, operators, and constants to describe a search pattern or condition. 

To apply this rule, the field(s) for which the regex works needs to be mentioned. This is followed by a Regular expression for the field.  

For example, if the Name field should have the first character as upper case then the field Name would be mentioned followed by the Regex:  


 To configure a Regex Rule within a module:  

  1. Click on the Settings icon at top right corner on the Home page. 
  2. From the left menu bar, select Modules. 
  3. Select the module > Business Rules > Schema. 
  4. Identify the desired schema and click on Detail > Add Business Rule. 
  5. Under Rule Type, check Regex Rule radio button. 
  6. Click Next. 
  7. Enter the name of the rule in Description.   
  8. Select the preferred Category for the rule.   
  9. In Fields, select the field(s) that need to be assigned the regex rule. 
  10. In case the system already has a Standard function, select from a list of Standard functions. The Regular expression will get populated.  
  11. If there is no standard function already defined, write the regular expression. 
  12. Write the desired Message in case the regular expression condition fails. 
  13. Select Finish.