Duplicacy Check

Duplicacy Check is used to identify duplicate records (approximate or exact matching) by identifying field(s) within a record for which the check must be performed. Exclusions for some words within a field can be added to make sure that those words are not identified as duplicates.  

For example:  

The field Name can be added to be checked for duplicates. There are options of adding exclusions, selecting whether it is an exact match or an approximate match check and checking inverse too. 

After selecting the field(s), a selection criteria can be set. For example, if the name “John Cleese” exists in countries USA and Australia and we do not require same name in different countries to be identified as duplicates, we can add country to the selection criteria. Custom countries can also be added as desired. 

After the Selection Criteria, Master Settings can be configured. These ensure that a master record can be selected from a set of duplicates through a rule and remainder of the duplicate records discarded. 

In the screenshot below, a master record will be selected from a set of duplicates which has the newest ‘Date Created’. 

To define Duplicate check rules, follow these steps: 

  • Click on the Settings icon at top right corner on the Home page. 
  • From the left menu bar, select Modules. 
  • Select the module > Business Rules. 
  • Select the Duplicacy Check tab > Add Rule. 
  • Click the symbol to select the field(s) for which the Duplicacy check needs to be created. 
  • Select the Duplicacy Criteria for the field as either: 
  • Fuzzy (approximate match which includes returning results for a record that matches a few characters as well)  
  • Exact Match (This will only include an exact match of the record). 
  • If the criterion is Fuzzy, then check Inverse if the inverse of the record also needs to be considered a match.  
  • If there are no Exclusions to the rule, go to step 15. 
  • Check Exclusions if there needs to be exclusions for the rule. 
  • Select Show Library. 
  • Enter word(s) that should not be recognized in Ignore Words and select Add for each word. 
  • Select Similar Words tab and enter the Synonyms for each specific word. Select Add for each pair. 
  • Check Add to Standard if a pair needs to be added into the standard library.  
  • Select Finish. The Exclusions window will close. 
  • Enter the Weightage so that the total weightage for all the fields equals 100. 
  • Select Next to go to Selection Criteria. 
  • Select the field(s) for which the selection criteria need to be defined.  
  • For each field, the selections optionare:
Pick from the Record  Values will be checked from the set of records 
Custom  Values will be checked only for custom records.
If custom, enter the custom word. 
  • Select Next to Define Master Settings. These settings help define a master record from a set of duplicate records. 
  • Select rules according to preference by clicking on the + symbol in front of the rule. 
  • After adding the rule, select the preferred field accordingly within each rule. 
  • Select Finish. 
  • Once the rule populates on the Duplicacy Check main tab, select + symbol on the levels and select Add. 
  • Define the percentage range and select the action for each range with a message. 
  • Select Save.