Dependency Rules

Create a Dependency Rule 

 Dependency Rule enables a user to create rules for a field or set of fields that are dependent on the values of other fields. This can include populating the value of a target field(s) based on the value of a source field(s).  

For example, based on the country and the region, the respective post-code values can be set.  

To configure a Dependency within a module: 

  1. Click on the Settings icon at top right corner on the Home page.  
  2. From the left menu bar, select Modules  
  3. Click on the desired module > Business Rules tab 
  4. Select Dependency tabAdd Dependency 
  5. Enter the Combination Description 
  6. Drag fields to the Source Fields to define the source fields and drag the fields to the Target Fields to define the target fields for the dependency. 
  7.  Select Save. 
  8. The Mapping screen will appear. Fill the desired value for Source Field(s) and then the desired value for Target Field(s).  
  9. Select the option for the target value to be either:
    a) Mandatory: The target field(s) would be mandatory.
    b) Read-Only: The value in the target field(s) would be a read only value and would not be available to change. 
    c) Hidden: The target field(s) with the value would be hidden from the layout. 
  10. Select Save. 

 If more mappings need to be added under the same dependency: 

  •  Click on the ‘+’ sign on the left of the combination ID of the dependency description. 
  •  Select Add. 
  •  Repeat steps 89 and 10.