MDO Form Layout

Creating a Layout 

 In order to create a layout for a module, follow these steps: 

  • Login with administrator credentials. 
  • Go to the Settings icon at top right corner on the Home page. 
  • Select Modules from the left menu bar. 
  • Select the module which needs the layout to be configured. 
  • Click on Layouts > Add New Layout.
  • Enter the Name of the layout and select the Layout Type (options listed below):
Layout Type  Detail 
Double column  The layout will have fields on two sides of the page. 
Single column  The layout will have fields on one side of the page only. 
HTML upload  Used for HTML layout forms (do NOT select this while configuring MDO form layout) 
  • Click on Save.

The new layout is saved with the following options available to add to the layout:

Option  Detail 
Layout Fields  This section shows the list of all fields created under the module. These fields can be added to the relevant Layout tabs. 
System Fields.  This section contains the list of all MDO standard system fields. These fields can be added to the Layout’s tabs. 
Layout tabs.  This section contains the list of all tabs created under a module. Users can create their own tabs (refer section 1.1) or use existing ones. 
Reference tabs  This section allows users to add tabs from other modules. 

 1.1 Creating a New Tab on a Layout  

To add a new tab to the layout: 

  • Select Layout Tabs > Add New Tab. 
  • Add the name of the tab and click Save.
  • The tab appears in the list of layout tabs. Next, click on Add to add the tab to the layout. 
  • Next, add the required fields to the layout. From the list, search for the field name. 
  • Drag and drop the field to the layout area. 
  • Against each field, the Setting icon controls if the field is configured as Mandatory, Hidden, Read only or Default.

There is also a Settings icon located on top right corner of each Tab. This controls the use of the data recorded in the Tab. Below are the options available:

Option  Detail 
Mobile Tab  Selecting this option will make a tab visible only in the mobile application.  
Both  Selecting this option makes a tab available both in mobile application and web application 
Read Only Tab.  Selecting this option makes all fields in a tab appear as read-only in the application. [do not select this option while setting up mobile tabs] 
T & C Tab  Selecting this option makes a tab terms and conditions tab. [do not select this option while setting up mobile tabs] 
  •  Choose the required settings and click on Submit.

After selecting Submit, the layout’s permission window (Assign Roles and Events) pops up. Here, the user can define what roles should view this layout and for which event(s). 

  • Search for the Role and assign the Events (listed below):
Event Name  Description 
Create  Creating a new record 
Change  Changing an existing record 
Approve  Approving the record in the workflow 
Extend  Extending a record 
Copy  Copying a record 
Summary  Summary of an existing record 
Edit & Reprocess  Editing and reprocessing an existing record 
Activate  Activating a deactivated record 
Deactivate   Deactivating an existing active record 
Quick View  Quick view of an existing record 
Quick Create  Quickly creating a new record 
Excel Connect  Downloading the records in Excel 
  •  Click on Save to save the completed layout.