Anonymous Form

Anonymous Layout 

An Anonymous Layout is a type of custom layout where the users with permission to access the form using the link are anonymous/guest users. (Anonymous/Guest users does not appear in the user list in MDO). 

Assumptions/Prerequisites: HTML form with all the required labels and CSS is already configured.

Creating an Anonymous Layout 

  1. Refer to the link for ‘Custom Layout’ and follow till step 11 from the MDO custom layout document. 
  2. To configure an Anonymous layout, select the role assigned to the guest or anonymous user when assigning role events to the layout. 
  3. Click on Generate URL. 
  4. Select ‘Anonymous/Guest’ user from the select user drop-down. 
  5. Click on Generate. 
  6. MDO automatically generates a URL using which users can anonymously access the form and fill data. 

This URL can be embedded in your company website to enable business partners and internal employees to fill in the desired information.