Adding a New Dropdown Value

In order to add or modify the dropdown values available in a module, follow these steps: 

1. Login with administrator credentials. 

2. Go to the Settings icon at top right corner on the Home page. 

3. Select Modules from the left menu bar. 

4. Select the required module.  

5. Select Dropdowns tab. A list of Dropdowns Fields will display. Click on +icon against the picklist to add or modify a value. 

6. The list of existing Dropdown values will display. 

7. Click on AddA popup will open with the following fields: 

Language  Defaults with English language (EN) 
Code  Enter Code for the drop value 
Value  Enter Description for the dropdown value 

8. Click Save to add the value OR Save and Add to continue and add more dropdown values. 

9. To add more than one valueclick on Add Multiple. 

10. A popup window will open with the following fields: 

Language  Defaults with English language (EN) 
Values  Enter required drop down values here (one value per line.).  

Eg: To add multiple material types enter one value per line as shown below: 


Stainless Steel 


In this process, both dropdown Code and Value would be same. 

11. Click Save to successfully add the dropdown values OR click Save and Add to continue and add more dropdown values.  


Enter dropdown values using mass upload. 

MDO offers the ability to upload multiple dropdown values using mass upload. To use this functionality, follow these steps: 

1. Follow the same menu path as above: Settings > Modules> selected module> Dropdowns 

2. Select the dropdown field (the checkbox to the right of the Field ID). 

3. Click on Download Template. 

4. Save the template in local path and open the template once downloaded. 

5. The template will be downloaded if there are any existing dropdowns values. Add or modify dropdown values.  

NoteFor existing dropdown values, do not change the CODE for dropdowns values in the template, otherwise it will create a new dropdown value with new code.  

Also, do not add new dropdown values with same CODE that has already been used for an existing picklist, otherwise it will replace the text for existing codes. 

6. Click on Upload Template. Browse for the saved template and click Yes to upload the values. 

Once uploaded, the new list of dropdowns will display for the selected Dropdown Field.