MDO Enterprise Data Platform / Business Administration

Business Administration

MDO is a built on a low code business process management platform which allows business users to configure the system according to their requirement with minimal technical assistance.  This ease of use along with the simple and highly intuitive user interface of MDO allows key business users of an organization to act as business administrators with minimal training and technical assistance.

MDO has a strong governance and collaboration & Data governance framework which can handle most business scenarios. Custom business flows can be handled using MDO API framework (Requires technical knowledge). 

This section contains information about the following topics:

  • MDO Standard Master Data Objects 
  • Adding New Fields
  • Adding or Changing a Layout 
    • MDO form Layout 
    • Custom Layout 
    • Anonymous Layout 
  • Workflows
    • Create a New Workflow 
    • Modify an Existing Workflow 
    • Examples of Workflow 
  • Schema
  • Business Rules 
    • Duplicacy Rules
    • Dependency Rules 
    • Metadata Rules 
    • Missing Rules 
    • Check Table 
    • Query Rules
    • Regex Rules 
    • API Rules 
  • Create a New Module or Process 

Note: The following topics covered will require technical knowledge. 

  1. Check Table 
  2. Query Rules 
  3. Regex Rules 
  4. API Rules 

All other sections can be governed and implemented by a functional person without any technical help.