MDO Fuse / Maintain Sub-grids

Maintain Sub-grids

You can maintain data in table-type fields in a dataset or table-type fields defined under another table-type field.

  • Add a new row using :plus: icon.

  • The grid features apply to sub-grids in addition to a few other features:

  • The subgrid template will have the initial columns like the “Key columns” from the parent grid.

  • Displays the key information related to the parent grid above the sub-grids, and provides visibility on the parent row against which sub-grid data is being displayed.

  • The option also provides a quick way to navigate across different parent lines while working on any sub-grid data.

Restricted values & defaults

Now you can set form defaults and restrict field values for a form.

  • The options list is available at the form level.

  • Constant value – Header fields

  • Constant value – Table fields

  • Constant rows – Table fields

  • Maintain restricted field values

Define filters for dataset reference fields:

You can now define filters for dataset reference type fields.

  • Enhanced capability using a Lookup rule.

  • Reference rules for dataset reference fields.