FAQs / Logging Tickets

Logging Tickets

1. Go to the Customer Support Portal website using this URL- https://prospectasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us.

2. Login with your credentials.

3. To submit an issue/query/change request, click on Submit a Request.

4. Submit a Request form will open where you enter the following details:

  • Subject: Give a short description of the request.
  • Description: Describe the request in detail along with important information. Please refer to Additional information required when logging issues.
  • Priority: Selecting the Priority of an issue is a crucial step in the issue resolution process. Please refer to Prioritizing Issues for more information on the four levels of Priority: Low, Normal, High and Urgent.
  • Request Type: Choose from the four Request Type options: Query, Defect, Change Request and Product Improvement. Further explanation on each type can be found in Request Type: Categorization of Issues.
  • Product: Select the product for which you are raising the request- Master Data Online (MDO) or Work Safe Online (WSO).
  • Attachments: Attach documents like screenshots and logs which will help in understanding and identifying the issue.