MDO Fuse / Invite Partners

Invite Partners

Invite partners, an admin (or similarly authorized user) can invite new partners like Prospecta vendors, or contractors can be invited as sub-tenants. This story concerns the entry of the vendor’s invite details and then sending of invitation emails.

Creating partners for the system is required for effective collaboration, work assignments, and security. Inviting partners and having them work on the assigned dataset and records can enable easy vendor/contractor collaboration on the system with administrators.

Live collaboration

Improved collaboration and effectiveness of sharing documents can provide a referenceable audit trail of decision making improving data and business approval processes. Collaboration between users will not only improve MDO usability it will increase productivity, and improve data process efficiency and quality.

  • Chat feature in order to write messages to other MDO users

Sharing forms allows better collaboration between users in MDO. The owner of the document can initiate a discussion with another team member irrespective of their access rights or level.