Workflow Administrator

Administrators can manage their tasks within MDO. Below are the steps to be followed. 

  1. Login to MDO with administrator credentials. 
  2. From the left menu, go to Request Administrator. 

The following functionalities are provided: 

1. SearchAdministrators can apply search filter to search for the desired task. It can be filtered by Module, Requester, Assigned To, Assigned Role, Date Range and Status as shown below: 


  • Module: This search criteria will filter out tasks related to specific modules.    
  • Requester: Requester is the user who has sent the task.  
  • Assigned To: It will filter the tasks based on the user to whom the task is assigned. 
  • Assigned Role: Filtered by the role of the user to whom the task is assigned. 
  • Date Range: Specifying date range will display the tasks within that time frame only. 
  • Status: Tasks can also be filtered based on status such as In Progress, Rejected, Approved, Overdue etc. 

2. Graphical Report: Administrators can see the graphical report of the task status as shown below. Graphical representation provides a better analysis of the tasks which require action to be performed. 

3. List View: All the tasks according to the selected criteria will be shown 

This provides: 

  • The Administrator with detailed information about the task, showing the complete list view of all the tasks. Task can also be filtered by clicking on Filter button. 
  • A list of tasks which can be exported to Excel by clicking on Export button. 
  • Task forwarding can be done by clicking on Forward Task button.