Profile Settings

MDO enables the user to set up their basic profile.  

Go to the My Profile icon on the top right corner of the Homepage. The following sections will appear: 

  • User Profile  
  • User Substitution 
  • Excel Connector 
  • Default Setting

User Profile

Basic DetailsThe following details of the user will be displayed in this section and cannot be edited.

Email Id 
First Name 
Last name 

The fields below in Basic Details can be changed.  

Field Name  Description 
Date Format  A user can select any date format from the defined list of formats for how date information in the system will be displayed.  
Number Format  A user can specify the number format for the numeric type fields.  
Time Zone  MDO allows user to select time zones from the list. The system time will operate according to the time zone selected.  
Incoming Notification Priority  The notification priority can be set as High, Medium or Low. Notifications will be received reflecting the priorities defined. 
Digital Sign  A user can digitally sign here to maintain the authenticity of the account. This can be attached to PDF documents printed out from the platform. 
Default Language  MDO supports multi-lingual functionality. A user can select their preferred language. 

Users can also upload a profile picture. 

User Substitution

This relates to the delegation of tasks of a user within a particular time frame. All the tasks will be delegated to the substitute user. The User needs to select the From Date and To Date. MDO also allows users to keep a copy of the task. 

Excel Connector

There is the ability to download the “Excel Connector Template” which is used for the mass uploading the data. 

For more information about Excel Connect and its features please refer to the link below. 

Default Setting

User based default settings allows users to define specific values of fields during the creation of records in MDO. To apply a default setting, follow these steps: 

  • Select Object (module) on which the defaults need to be applied. 
  • Search and select the Import Field. 
  • Choose the default value corresponding to that field. 
  • Save