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Change Logs and Audit Trail

Change Logs 


The ability to observe data in Master Data Online (MDO) and identify an audit trail is the functionality provided by Change Logs. Change Logs assist with compliance, as the ability to view a trail of changes made to data helps to improve accountability across Business. 

Change Logs are predominately used to: 

  • View all data alterations
  • Export a record’s audit trail to a printable format.

Viewing Change Logs 

Note: To be able to view Change Logs the following prerequisites are required:  

  • A user’s Role has Change Logs enabled 
  • Modules have Change Logs enabled 

To view a Change Log, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to MDO
  2. Select the relevant Module
  3. The List page will appear. Click on the three dots next to the relevant record.
  4. Select Logs > Change log

The Change log will appear with the following information.   

  • RequestID – For System Reference Purposes 
  • User – The user who performed the action at the snapshot 
  • Action – The performed action at the snapshot 
  • Process – The overall flow and its purpose 
  • Date Time – Timestamp of the trail 
  • Detail – A view which shows which data has been changed

     5. Click on the icon below Detail. 

In MDO, a grouped set of information or fields is called a Structure 

Each Structure will display the details of changes made to that group of fields 

Click on the relevant Detail icon. 

The information that has been entered or changed in the Structure’s fields is displayedThe example below is a newly created record as there are only New Values shown. When there are Old and New values shown, it indicates a change.

Download Change Logs 

To download a Change Log, select the Download Change Log icon from the selected records Change Log screen. 

An Excel spreadsheet will download containing any data that has been present in the record. This will indicate (though not exhaustive) Creation, Change and Deletion. 

Enabling Change Logs  

 To enable Change Logs in a Module and Role, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to MDO. 
  2. Click on the Settings icon at top right corner on the Home page. 
  3. Select the relevant Module from the left menu > Security tab.  Security authorizes which actions a certain group of users (Role) can perform. It is necessary to enable the permission Change Logs’ for a Role. 
  4. A series of Roles will be displayed. Select the icon next to the relevant role.  
  5. list of Events will be listed. Search for Change Log in the Search Bar and Assign to the respective Role.

The authorization/permission to access the Change Log is now enabled for a role, for a specific module.