Number Settings

Number settings is used to generate sequential and consistent identification for each record for an object. MDO allows admins to control the criteria for generating number settings based on several criteria. 

To configure number settings for a module, follow these steps: 

  1. Login with administrator credentials.  
  2. Click on the Settings icon at top right corner on the Home page. 
  3. From the left menu bar, select Modules. 
  4. Go to the required Module. 
  5. Select Business Rules > Number Settings. 
  6. Click on Add New. 

Below is the list of actions a user can perform in this section. 

Field/Option  Description 
<Field Name>  This option is only visible if there is a ‘Number Setting Criteria’ field configured for the module.

Using this option user can configure different number settings for different values defined in the number setting criteria field list.

Eg : You can have different number settings configured based on Material Type.
ERSA000XX – Spare Parts
FERT000XX  – Finished Products 

Length  Specify the maximum length for the internal reference number for a record. 
Prefix  Enter the default value which will appear as the prefix for an internal reference number. 
Start From  Specify the number (point)from which internal reference numbers should start for new records. 
End To  Enter the end point for internal number settings for a Module. 
Prefix with zeroes  Checking or unchecking this option allows leading zeros for an internal reference number. 

e.g.  ERSA1 or ERSA0001 can be the internal number generated when this option is unchecked and checked respectively.