How to use Excel Connect

To use Excel Connect please follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Login to the MDO application with valid credentials
  2. Click on “My Profile” icon on the top right corner
  3. Click on “Download Excel Connector Installer”
  4. Install the Excel Connector installer
  5. Click on “Download Excel Connector Template”
  6. Open the downloaded template
  7. Login with the valid credentials
  8. Click on “MasterDataOnline” tab

Once you click on the “MasterDataOnline” tab, you will see multiple options. Below are the steps to use these options:

      Module Templates

  • Click on “Modules”
  • Click on “Select Modules
  • Select a module
  • Click on “Select Template”
  • Select the appropriate template
  • This will load the selected template


  • Click on “LoadSheet”
  • Click on “Select Template”
  • Select a LoadSheet template
  • This will load the selected Loadsheet

     Adding Rows

  • Click on “Add Rows” icon on the top
  • Enter the no. of rows
  • Fill the data in the rows created

      Deleting Rows

  • Select the rows which you want to delete
  • Click on “Delete” icon on the top
  • A pop-up will appear. Click on “Yes” to delete the rows.

      Downloading Data based on “Variants”

  • Click on “Select Variant”
  • Select an appropriate variant
  • Click on “Import” icon

      Validating Data & Exporting Data

  • After the data is entered click on “Validate” icon on the top
  • Once the data get validated click on “Export” icon on the top
  • Click on “Complete” icon on the top

      Entering Grid Data or Sub-module Data

For every added row, there are links (0) to fill the grid or sub-module data. Column names represent the grid name or sub-module name.

  • Click on the link under the column for which you want to add data
  • Click on add rows
  • Enter the number of rows
  • Fill in the grid/sub-module data

The explanation of the various options is shown below:

   Option                                    Explanation
Add Rows This option is used to add rows to the Excel Connect template or LoadSheet. Multiple rows can be added in a single go.
Delete Rows This option is used to delete the selected rows from the Excel Connect template or LoadSheet.
Validate This option is used to validate the data entered in the Excel Connect Template or LoadSheet. The validation is done based on the business rules configured. If there is invalid data, error messages are shown. If there is no error it shows “Success” as the status and it means the data can be exported to MDO.
Export This option is used to export the validated data into the MDO application.
Complete This option is used to trigger the workflow for the data exported.
Variants Variants are the filters which are saved (based on certain criteria) in the MDO application for a module. Using filters the data can be filtered and then the filtered data can be imported into the Excel Connect using appropriate variant.