Cross Object Load Sheets

Load Sheets are used to link multiple modules together in a single Excel Connect template. Load Sheets are an extension of Excel connect which enables users to mass process (create, change, extend) large volumes of data from multiple modules quickly and effortlessly in a single Excel template 

An MDO business administrator has access to change and create load sheet templates. To create a new load sheet, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the Settings icon at top right corner on the Home page.  
  2. From the left menu bar, select Advanced > Load Sheet Configuration. 
  3. Click Add New Sheet. 
  4. Enter Load Sheet Description. 
  5. Select the Parent Module (i.e. Functional location). 
  6. Select the Module(s) which you want to link up with parent module i.e. Equipment, Bill of material, Classification etc. These will be the sub modules / dependent modules of the parent module selected at the previous step. 
  7. Click on Save to apply changes. 

After the creation of the Load Sheet, the next step is to assign Layouts to the Load Sheet. Layouts are the combination of fields which are created for single record creation. The same layouts can be assigned to Load Sheets to populate and create data.  

To assign Layouts to Load Sheet: 

  1. Click on Details against the relevant Load Sheet (The system will display all the modules selected in the Load Sheet. Against each module there will be a dropdown option which shows all the layouts created for that module.)
  2. To assign layouts to each module select the desired Layout from the Layout field. 
  3. Click Save. 

Users from various roles can use the created Load Sheets to create mass data in MDO.  

The final step in the configuration is to assign the created Load Sheet to different roles.  

To assign Roles to a Load Sheet: 

  1. Click on Assign against the relevant Load Sheet. 
  2. Select the desired Roles. 
  3. Click Save to assign the Load Sheet to the roles.