Assigning Layout to Roles

Assigning layout for Roles/ Events

After a layout designing is finished, the user has to press submit to save the settings. After pressing submit, layout permission window pops up. Here, the user can define what roles should view this layout and for what event. Search for the role and assign the layout for the event. In this way, a user can create multiple layouts for different events. The following are the events for which user can assign a layout:


Event Name Description
Create Creating a new record
Change Changing an existing record
Approve Approving the record in the workflow
Extend Extending a duplicate material
Copy Copying a record
Summary Summary of an existing record
Edit & Reprocess Editing and reprocessing an existing record
Activate Activating a deactivated record
Deactivate Deactivating an existing active record
Quick View Quick view of an existing record
Quick Create Quickly creating a new record
Excel Connect Downloading the records in Excel