Setting up Duplicacy Check

Duplicacy check rule is used to avoid creation of duplicate records in the system. Administrators can define the key fields on which duplicity of a record is measured. These fields are then configured in the duplicate check rule with “Levels of duplicacy”. When end user create any duplicate record, system prompts user with all the duplicate records which are available in the system.

Creating Duplicacy Check

To create a new dependency, please follow the steps mentioned below:

It is a 3 level process-

  1. Login with valid credentials.
  2. Click on setting icon on top right corner à Click “Modules
  3. Select a module from the list in which you want to add a duplicacy check.
  4. Click on “Business Rules” tab à select “Duplicacy Check”.
Level 1 (Add Fields)
  1. Add the fields (can be a set of multiple fields) on which you want to apply the duplicacy rule from the ‘Select Fields’ tab on the left.
  2. Fill in the details as stated in below table.
Field name Details
Duplicacy Criteria Exact Match : When the values in the fields matches exactly.

Fuzzy : When the values in the fields matches partially.

Exclusions Ignore Words: We can mention the word here which we want to skip (or ignore) when matching is performed.

E.g., The Taj Mahal = Taj Mahal

Similar Words: Here we mention the words which we want to be treated as similar if typed in a different way.

E.g., Mr. = Mister

NOTE: Select ADD to include.

Weightage For Exact Match: The total sum of all the fields selected must be 100%.

For Fuzzy: The sum is according to the requirement, needed not to be completely 100%.


Level 2 (Selection Criteria) [Optional]
  1. Add the fields (can be a set of multiple fields) from the ‘Select Fields’ tab on the left based on which you want to check the duplicate data.
  2. A. Pick from the record: Allows the check to be performed on all the values of that field.
  3. Custom: Here we provide a static value for that record corresponding to which the duplicacy check must be performed.


Level 3 (Define Master Settings) [Optional]

In this section we define the logic for creating a Master record which is formed from the duplicate records of same type.

We can make a master record from the data of different records of same group as required.
It is based on the following fields:

  1. Newest Record
  2. Oldest Record
  3. Maximum value in the field
  4. Minimum value in the field

Note: Check the Auto Merge Settings checkbox to apply merging feature. Then press FINISH.

After configuring the duplicacy check, we have to set the levels and activate it.
  1. Click on “Business Rules” tab a select “Duplicacy Check”.
  2. Select your duplicacy rule and expand its levels option by tapping on +
  3. Add the Percentage Range field from 0% to 100% in one go or multiple breaks as per your requirement. This represents what you want to do when a record has a specified level of similarity. E.g., 0 to 50% and 51% to 100%
  4. Type the Appropriate message in the Message box, which displayed when the record falls in the following group.
  5. Select Proceed according to the requirement, it is the action performed when record falls in the following segment.

NOTE: Then check the activate checkbox of that rule to ACTIVATE.