Setting up Tables

Table feature allows to create custom tables in MDO to feed information for custom API’s in MDO. These table can be used to maintain look up data while doing transformation projects as well as maintain custom logics data to be reffered in API logics. Columns of the table can be defined, and data can be inserted manually or through a CSV or EXCEL file.

Setting up Tables

To create a new Table, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Login with valid credentials.
  2. Click on setting icon on top right corner à Click “Modules”.
  3. Select a module from the list in which you want to add a Table.
  4. Click on “Business Rules” tab and select “Tables
  5. Select “Add Table”.
  6. Fill in the details as stated in below table.
  7. Click “Save” to save the rule.
Field name Details
Type* Custom: Standard table that can be build according to the customer’s requirement.

Lookup: It is a simple table which is used to apply lookup logic.

Table ID* Unique Id for the table by which it can be identified.
Table Description* Description of the table as per your understanding. (Can be same)
  1. Once the table is created, select the table and expand it by clicking on +.
  2. Then First user needs to create Metadata, by going on the metadata tab and clicking on “Add” to add a column.
  3. Fill in the details as stated in below table.
Field name Details
Field* Enter the field id (It must be unique)
Field Description* Enter the field description
Field Length* Enter the length of the field
Constraint Constraint on the field (E.g., Primary key)
Data Type* Type of field (E.g., Character)
  1. Click “Save” and the field will be created. (Add more field in the same way).
  2. Go to the “Data” tab to insert the data manually or user can also upload the data by uploading it using Download/Upload option on the right.
  3. Format in which the data is stored in the file should match the metadata of the table before uploading.
  4. Same process must be followed to make a Lookup.