Setting up Dependency

Dependency is the functionality that is used to set up a dependent relationship between the two set of fields i.e. “Source fields” and “Target fields”. Where “Source fields” is a set of fields based on which values in the field set “Target fields” are changed or depends.

Creating Dependency

To create a new dependency, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Login with valid credentials.
  2. Click on setting icon on top right corner à Click “Modules
  3. Select a module from the list in which you want to add a dependency.
  4. Click on “Business Rules” tab à select “Dependency
  5. Fill in the details as stated in below table.
  6. Click “Save” to save the dependency.
Field name Details
Combination Description Enter a valid name for dependency.
Source Fields Set of source fields on which you want to apply dependency.
Target Fields Set of target fields on which you want the result of dependency to appear.

NOTE: You can search the field from the search bar available on the page & drag and drop the field in the Source field or target field pane.

Fields in Source Fields section must be a drop-down field.

  1. After saving the dependency, new window will appear.
  2. In that window, in source tab, select the value on which you want to set dependency or check the check-box for selecting all the values by default.
  3. Then in the target tab, user can either set a constant value or different options (Mandatory, Read only, Hidden) from drop down present.
  4. You can add more options to the dependency by selecting that particular dependency and clicking on the “+”à Click “Add” button , add new rule via same process.
  5. User can edit or delete the dependency by clicking on the icons present on the Actions section of that dependency.