Configuring List Page

The list page gives users a seamless view of the data and the ability to perform certain functions on it. The views are easy to customize and users can configure the fields which they want to be displayed on the list page.


To configure a list page, navigate to Settings > Modules and select the module for which list page has to be created.

  1. Select the List Page tab and choose Add New View. Provide the Template Name and click Finish.
  2. Fields which have been selected as Search/List Page (Fields > Other Characteristics) would appear as Module Fields and standard MDO fields can be selected from System Fields.
  3. Add the fields by selecting the Add button next to it and the layout of list page can be altered by moving the fields in the Selected Fields section. Once the fields have been added, click on Finish.
  4. To download records in list page in an excel format (List Export), ensure Mass Processing is checked in Settings.
  5. The final step is to assign the list page to certain roles. This restricts the list page view only to the roles selected by the user. To do this select Assign next to the template created and select the roles who can view the list page.


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