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SSO Setup Guide for Okta

Step Summary

  • Go to your Okta admin app

  • Create new App Integration

  • Add SP Entity ID and SSO Url provided

  • Ensure that the user id and email are sent as part of the SAML assertion

  • Get metadata Url link from Okta

  • Complete the SSO set up in MDO

Detailed Steps

  1. Log in to your Okta admin app.

  2. Go to Applications
    3. Create new App Integration
    4.Select SAML 2.0 integration type

    5. Fill in the general settings with the following details:

    • Single sign-on URL:
    • Audience URI (SP Entity ID): 729984_978808469314779969_mdosso
    • Name ID format: EmailAddress
    • Application username: Email
    • Any other settings required by your organization
    6. Select “I am a sofware vendor". 
    7. Finish the set up of the app. Go to the Sign On tab. You will now have a link to the Identity Provider Metadata Url. Please copy the Url which is required to complete the setup in MDO.

    8. In MDO, go to Settings > SAML Configuration. Click on New Configuration.

9. Enter in the URL into the IDP metadata url box.

Alternatively, you can also cut and paste the Metadata content into the IDP server token signing certificate. We highly recommend you paste the Url as it will support dynamic configurations.

10. You can also set up Just in Time user creation and role assignments should you wish to auto-provision users in MDO. Please note that for this to work successfully, the Okta user Id must match exactly.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up SSO within your system.


We hope you have learned how to set up SSO integration between your Idp of choice and MDO. Should you require further assistance, please invite a Prospecta consultant to your tenant.